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List your property in the MLS with the maximum number of photos permitted and Realtor.com. Listing is good for up to 6 months. All changes (except expiration date extensions & relists) are free to make.

Also included is a listing on websites that currently publish the MLS. All these sites have computer selected remarks.

Select the option above if you want a Realtor.com Extras. Extras include up to 30 photos (Basic Realtor.com listings only have what photos auto-transfer from MLS, which can be up to 30, but only the 1st 6 photos are guaranteed and serviced if not displayed). Secondly, extras include open houses on Realtor.com.

Choose from the dropdown list whether you want Caller-ID, Call Forwarding, or both. With Call Forwarding, our phone system will forward and connect calls to the telephone number you specify, so that you don't lose any leads. (Our standard service plays your phone number for calls, who then have to hang up and dial again with your number.) With Caller ID, you will receive an email from us whenever our (866)807-9087 phone number receives a call on your MLS number. The email will provide you with the callers phone number. Realtor.com and the MLS display our phone number with the Caller ID system. We also put your phone number in the MLS unless the property is in Nebraska.

You select commission to offer agents (1-4%, though we recommend 2.5-3%). We as your listing broker offer the commission on your behalf in the MLS.

Normally all showings, questions, and offers come directly to you, but we will pass onto you anything that comes into our office. This includes buyer leads, which are given your phone number free of charge, 24/7.

Your listing will be activated in MLS the same or next business day you return to us the forms, photos, and payment information.

You can elect to add full service for 1/2% of the sale price, payable at the closing of the property. Full service includes sales data, a call center to manage showing requests and feedback, and no separate fee for broker phone consultation/support. If you select full service, an early cancellation fee of $395 would apply if you cancel the listing prior to the six month expiration. With the full service option, your list price may not exceed 105% of the Zillow Zestimate for the property.

All forms are able to be completed online or printed off our website. Your credit card will authorized but not be charged until you return your paperwork and your listing is entered in the MLS. ''Authorized'' means that the fee amount is frozen and made unavailable in your card account during the order pending period. After the listing is entered in the MLS, the charge is made, and the money is then transferred from your account. Orders for Nebraska properties are not charged until the conclusion of the listing.

Orders are not refundable after we have activated your listing in the MLS. If an MLS holds more than 30 photos, 30 photos is the max we will post. Additional state mandated services may be billed separately. Terms and conditions of listing contract apply.
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